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Weather in Amsterdam makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations…

You all have heard about the land of the tulips – Netherlands commonly known as Holland. Amsterdam is the capital city of the Kingdom of Netherlands, though the seat of the government is at The Hague. Amsterdam is the most populous city of Netherlands and of course one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It receives more than 4.63 million international visitors annually, excluding the 16 million day trippers visiting the city every year. Certain years have a theme in Amsterdam to attract extra tourists. For example, the year 2006 was designated “Rembrandt 400″, to celebrate the 400th birthday of Rembrandt van Rijn. Thus there must be something in the weather Amsterdam has got that attracts so many tourists across the globe!!!

Being just off the coast of the North Sea, the climate tends to be rather mild all year round. Summers are never termed unbearable while during the winters you can still enjoy a picnic or the winter sports as compared to other inland cities which experiences bitter weather conditions. Thus weather Amsterdam makes this place a popular tourist destination all-round the year. Let us take a look at the weather conditions during different times of the year:Weather Amsterdam

  • Summer: While summer offers pleasant weather and many tourist attractions, the city is usually very crowded with visitors. August is definitely the warmest month of the year, with an average high of 71 ºF/21 ºC and an average low of 54 ºF/12 ºC. Humidity is not very high during the hottest days of summer. But during the gloomy days Amsterdam receives a lot of rainfall. There is measurable rain almost half the days and often the sun hides behind a cloud cover for days on end. But the good news is that the rains last for only a part of the day and hence it will not hamper your day’s trip.


  • Spring/Autumn: Spring and autumn provides almost identical weather conditions. It is warm and it’s pleasant to stay outdoors. The April average high and low are 54 ºF/ 12ºC and 39 ºF/ 4ºC, while the October average high and low are 57 ºF/ 14ºC and 45 ºF/ 7º. While April is one of the driest months in Amsterdam October receives a good amount of rainfall. In this pleasant weather Amsterdam makes a great tourist destination.


  • Winter: Amsterdam covered with snow – it’s a unique view in itself. It does snow here occasionally, but rarely more than a dusting, and the sight of a thin layer of snow over the old city is breathtaking. Advantage of visiting Amsterdam in winters is that hotel prices are low, there is no waiting in the long lines to the Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank House and you get a chance to celebrate New Year in a very unique way with Amsterdam’s street parties and fireworks.


So the bottom line is somewhat like this – summer is the best time to visit but hotel prices are high and the city is very crowded. If you can go during spring or fall you’ll probably be better off since the weather is usually good enough for a city holiday. During winters the crowd is less and hotel prices are low, but one can really experience a splendid Amsterdam during the winters as well. Thus anytime of the year can be attractive to visit Amsterdam due to weather Amsterdam.

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Enjoy Amsterdam!

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